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Tsingshi is the professional producer of hydraulic tipping cylinders for the commercial vehicle industry. Tsingshi designs and manufactures a complete range of telescopic tipping cylinders, both for front-end and underbody applications. The sunny cylinder is lightweight, uses less oil and therefore tips and lowers faster and is strong, stable and maintenance free.

Tsingshi telescopic cylinders

Tsingshi front-end cylinder range

The standard sunny cylinder range includes Front-End Cylinders with Outer Cover (FC), with Eye (FE) and with Eye/Eye (FEE). Double acting cylinders are also available. Tipping capacity ranges up to 90 tons.

The standard FC-range consists of cylinders with a diameter of 77 to 214 mm and a stroke ranging from 2900 to 9530. The standard FE-range consists of cylinders with a diameter from 91 to 214 and a stroke ranging from 3205 to 9030. Tippers with sloping headboard generally are fitted with an FE cylinder or FC with a short cover.

Tsingshi under body cylinder range

Tsingshi also produces a complete range of under body cylinders. The heavy duty series are offered up to diameter 223 mm with nine stages. The UMB-series starts at diameter 72 mm with two stages up to 191 mm with 8 stages.

Modular design

Thanks to the modular design Tsingshi can offer a complete range of tipping cylinders assembled to order. Our flexible manufacturing is your best guarantee for a minimum delivery time for the standard range of cylinders. The use of top quality materials keeps wear at a minimum and maintenance simple. For service no special tools are required.


All sunny cylinders are fully tested before dispatch (pressure tests up to 1/2 times working pressure). Our customers all over the world acknowledge our reliability. The ISO 9001 standard held is your assurance of optimum quality, safety and professionalism.

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